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Things you need to know about VIP Internet Radio® - Evolution in Progress©

1. We are primarily a Talk Show Internet Radio Station.
2. Music on this station plays a secondary role
3. Our popularity has increased tremondously since we first aired on July 1, 2010
4. We welcome new ideas regarding content from our real friends - caring people only.

Talk Shows Schedule

• VIP Business Talk Show® (Promoting Business Concerns from across North America)

• What's Bothering You© (with Frank Cavallaro & Don Emilio Zinno)

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Call Center Referral Agency Telesales Services LLC
Bankruptcy Attorneys & Trustees Groupe Serpone
Database Lead Providers List Giant
Business Referral Club Corporation VIP CONNECTIONS
Vending Machine Distributor JLM Distribution Montreal
Joe Pesci Impersonator Vince Caravello
Business Debt Collection Agency EJL & Associates
General Contractor Groupe Mondo
Website Search Engine Optimization Service-proprop co-op etc
Home & Business Alarm Systems FOXSECUR ALARMS
Printing & Mailing Services TLC Global Impression
International Call Center LL CONTACT CENTER


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